Working with me will definitely open your mind to new creative directions.

My expertise has been developed through a lifetime of experiences in almost every area of creative development—much of it self-taught. I’ve had the good fortune to work with a very diverse client base who all expanded my horizon of thought, and introduced me to opportunities that made me better and better at my craft.

Each day was a new adventure. Some days I might be designing a catalog, writing copy, art directing, and styling a photo shoot; the next, working on package design utilizing a Disney style guide, creating images and art for rubber stamps, naming a new product, creating brand strategy for a nutritional supplement, mentoring a colleague, acting as a project manger and proofreading packaging labels, keeping budgets on track and communicating with clients. One thing I especially like to do is present the creative—my energy is enthusiastic and optimistic while being grounded in facts.

I started my career after one year of college, and founded an award-winning advertising agency with outstanding long-term clients. One of my first was AT&T, allowing me to grow my agency to an 8 person team very quickly. What a boost!

After selling the agency I moved to California and became a consultant, eventually narrowing my business to brand naming.

My entrepreneurial spirit forges on each day to expand what I can do for clients.

Meeting people face-to-face, listening to their needs, helping them save time and money with targeted solutions, giving personal attention to each detail of the project, explaining each phase, and how we can connect with customers through multi-functional assets is what I do.

In my spare time I read business books, browse through life to spot cultural trends, enjoy the outdoors with dancified power walking, hiking and walking on the beach. Music is one of my favorite companions…with so much to choose from, there’s always something wonderful to listen to. I also have a great appreciation for both home cooking and fine food. My blog, thetalkingplate, has been a source of joy for two years now with great visitor stats…it’s a place where I can express myself any way I choose.

After all that, I just chill out and enjoy quite time and meditation. It’s where some of my best ideas come to life.