Farmer's Almanac 2018While taking your seed of an idea to a full-grown expression, right timing is everything.

All you need to do is read The Old Farmer’s Almanac to understand how seasons play a vital role in seed-to-harvest nurturing. Nature knows exactly when to develop the next phase of its growth. Responding to seasons, sun, precipitation, and temperature it brings its best when the time is right. So too with a brand, you can’t rush through and expect to get ripe results. Maturing a brand takes precise seasonal planning.

As one Almanac patron shared, “My Almanac makes my life richer and my thumb greener and my decisions more thoughtful and more planned.”

Helping farmers grow healthy crops is similar to helping clients build a healthy brand. From best fishing days to forecasts by region and crop rotation, gestation and mating tables, even the moon phase. Also, using weather maps, general weather forecasts, and predicting extensive market weather patterns is essential. Timing your brand development and to-market phase launch depends a great deal on accurately utilizing these factors. Brand growth should be organically organized for optimum success. Let’s not forget the climate of the consumer. How can you best meet their needs at the right time? Are they explorers, foragers, outliers, or trend followers?

The Almanac even includes trends and cues to culture. So the next time you need to think things through with your team, or make some points with your client, read The Farmer’s Almanac. It’s an enlightening perspective well worth your time.

Quote attribution is from the current 2018 Farmer’s Almanac.
No.226 Robert B. Thomas. “New, Useful, and Entertaining Matter.”

Season-to-Season Branding