Flavor: The Science Of Our Most Neglected SenseI read this book with the intention of exploring an in-depth view of flavor. What I discovered was how sensory science applies to every area of life. It gave me a fresh perspective on what it means to develop flavorful brand solutions, solutions that satisfy a customer’s needs at every touchpoint. Reading this book will take you on an exciting journey and open your eyes to new thinking. Here are a few of my observations and how they relate to bull’s-eye brand engagement.

To boost flavor into your brand your brand needs sensory integration, a multicultural fusion that satisfies all of your customers’ desires. Add experiential value by planning themes that change the ways you and your customer perceive environmental flavor, contextually mingle assets that elevate your brand expression. Becoming a flavorist should not be limited to edibles. If you want to up your brand flavor, work on including the entire sensory landscape.

Boredom from repeated experiences dulls the senses and eliminates the desire to return. If your brand has lost its flavor, your customers and clients look elsewhere.

Whether it’s your messaging or mojo, people crave change. Small plate experiences tickle the palate and keep them coming back for more. Sometimes scaling back is actually scaling up.

Brands don’t excite or thrill when you keep presenting the same flavor experience. Exceptional brand flavor is a teaser, not an overloaded plate of sameness. You need contrasting tone and texture to avoid flavor fatigue. Character compounds with top notes, bottom notes, and differentiators to synthesize and balance subtle highlights with bold blasts of delight.

As with a symphony, it’s “note-by-note,” a term coined by the French chemist Hervé This to create culinary expression where only compounds make the dish.

This book will help you understand just how different our palates are and how you can please almost everyone if you add these science-based sensory elements into the mix.

Flavor: The Science Of Our Most Neglected Sense, by Bob Holmes

You can find it here on Amazon.

Has your brand lost its flavor?