Kind words from clients.


We chose Patricia Shrimpton to drive the naming and positioning process for our Vignon™ Flavor Balancing Seasoning and could not have made a better choice. Working with her was a delight. Patricia’s flow of ideas and willingness to keep our team probing and expanding concepts until we found the right solution was imperative in this process. Her work is superb and she really went the extra mile for the Napa Seasoning company.

Tim Hanni MW,
Napa Seasoning Company LLC

I have worked in advertising and design since 1982 both in Finland and almost 13 years in U.S.A. During those years in the Bay Area I had a great pleasure to work with Patricia Shrimpton. She is the most creative person I know. And her devotion and quick mind is most appreciated in any project where one needs fresh, new and creative solutions that deliver. She will always give her whole heart and mind to the projects she starts. Give her mind a challenge and you will love the solution she comes up with either as a productive team member or on her own!

Merja Lehtinen, Art Director
Y&R Brands, Helsinki Finland

Times are tough if you’re looking for a unique name for your product or service. Expected names are already registered, and even if they’re not, their urls are. Which is exactly why you hire Patricia Shrimpton. Patricia develops names that are always unexpected, but which always hit the mark. She’s passionate about words and language, and finds meaning in sounds and phonetic patterns that would never have occurred to you. Not in a million bazillion years. Unless you were Patricia Shrimpton.

Gary Peare, Vice President
Strategic Planning at The Mars Agency

Thanks for all the help Patricia, I’m pleased we could make something work. You were very inspiring and fun to work with.

Stephen Goldmann, Partner
The Culinary Edge

We really saw value in your work with us — you helped to get us to the next level in our creative, not just on naming but across the board. Thank you.

Claire Montaut, Project Manager
The Culinary Edge

I’ve had the good fortune to know Patricia for over six years. As a brand identity designer, I recognize the value a good writer and naming expert brings to a branding effort. Having experienced Patricia’s talent, I can honestly say that she has taken this experience to a whole new level, by consistently contributing insights unlike that of any other writer I’ve partnered with. In my projects, her equity has gone beyond her naming expertise and her 360 thinking has always introduced new facets, applications and platforms, which greatly benefited the end result. Her passion and pursuit for creating strategic and compelling work have empowered her names to becoming brands. Partnering with Patricia has enlightened me, refreshed my thinking and generated my best work.

Patrick Florville, Brand Strategist
Creative Director at Florville Catalyst Inc.

Thanks Patricia. I still don’t know how you work so quickly to come up with a great list of names. Must be how Picasso’s assistants felt when he would speed draw a sketch that was a beautiful work of art. THANKS.

Mark Prus, Principal

I really appreciated your “out of box thinking” and ability to think beyond the basics. I also appreciated your commitment to coming up with a good idea and your short turnaround time.

Kim Gans, Owner
Sweet Flour

Patricia has a plethora of qualities that not only convey her coaching qualities, but also her ability to create various panaceas to any complex situation that require an acute judgment. In helping me with all aspects of the creative around my business Ocentiv, Patricia is forever part of it. For that, our organization will always be grateful. Thank you.

Olivier Ngueda, Owner

How does one describe a person with vision, a person with the ability to see what a client needs when a client doesn’t even know what they need? Working with you on various projects was always an eye-opener for someone like me who’s brain knows how to focus on numbers and business, but lacks the ability to see beyond “numbers”. That’s where you, Patricia, came to the rescue in many ways. You stepped up to the plate, ran with each project and delivered everything in a record time, that is your strength. Your projects that you delivered were so diverse, but yet they all entailed a certain kind of creativity that only you could deliver. A creativity that put that perfect touch that one calls a “WOW”.
I thank you for your gift of vision and beauty.

Julia Brix, Owner
Beauty Magic Salon

We used Patricia to help us with our web content and many other projects. She is always a lot of fun to be around and delivers amazing work. Highly recommended!!!

Stephen Burich, Media Production Director
Trilogy Visual Media

Patricia’s heartfelt and enthusiastic spirit, coupled with perfect art direction and copy skills helped me bring my skills to full swing. Her keen ability to position assets is what makes her unique.
If you need inspiration with an action plan, make the call today. Patricia delivers more than expected, faster than expected with a genuine focus on your needs and goals.

Christian Linaris, Founder/CEO
DesignGum Creative

We are grateful to all our clients for the wonderful relationships we’ve formed.