Bird of Paradise

Every mind has its own style of expression—a leaning toward one direction or another. The language and culture of my mind reflects a lifetime curation of what it finds worth exploring and remembering, fostered by natural attraction. I hop, skip and jump from topic to topic to unearth the perfect name for your company, product or service. Agility is the key to my inspiration. The right answer could be hidden. Sometimes it is a follow-the- breadcrumbs activity, sometimes it is data extracted and culled directly from the source.

Leaning into the inspiration as it reveals solutions is what makes the naming adventure fun. I get up close and personal with all kinds of information and statistics. Your project is a journey for our hearts and minds to expand. It’s an activity I enjoy sharing. Hop on board!

Distinctive names are created through my ever-evolving, illuminated mind matched with your specific desires. Years of research and contextual experience are the foundation of my ongoing name excavation, exploration and evaluation. It’s a no-stone-unturned approach starting with a linguistic dig and sift, including metaphoric alliance, tone, and timbre.

It’s thrilling to find the nuggets, work with you to refine the gem and bring it to its highest cultural luster. The solutions are endless as we connect our hearts to create mindful, magnetic name attunement for your brand.

This ‘we’ combination directly greets your customers with a naturally engaging hello; irresistible, heliotropic compositions with structure, rhythm and melody.

Every project is new territory to explore the vast opportunity we have to positively impact our world. Sunny smiles abound with names that engage.

Join with me and your brand will come to life with true vitality—joyfully crafted through us.

Creating Names with Natural Attraction