We choose us.

In a world filled with creative people, choosing a creative partner can be a tough decision. Attributes that make a difference vary based on your needs, but there are some qualities that cannot be overlooked. A consultant who is responsive and delivers above your expectations is key. Other qualities that make an outstanding partner in your creative process are someone who is nimble, curious, and excited about your company, product or services.

They endeavor to explore every aspect of your business with fresh eyes. They scope out the landscape of your competition, and dive deep into research. They see white space in your brand and bring viable options to expand your reach…and, they never leave fun out of the equation.

Finding a true partner to develop and deliver creative assets requires openness and trust with all team members.

For sure, there is no shortage of people who will have impressive show-and-tell, but working with them may not be in alignment with your style. Personality has a strong influence on the outcome.

So you have to ask yourself, do I get along with and respect this person? Will they bring ideas to the table that ignite inspiration for the team? If you don’t agree on every point that should not be a problem. It will help each person to refine the process of creation and offer the best results. Sometimes you will find someone who is actually your opposite, but it keeps the seesaw in perfect balance.

It all comes down to we. You can’t choose the right consultant just based on their work, and they can’t choose you just because they want the assignment. Both parties need to take time to get to know each other and see if it’s a good match.

I’d like to meet you and share some fresh thinking with a twist of lime.