NightlightFlowers are a beautiful example of something that has no idea how it will unfold. Each moment is an expression of its new nature. I photograph flowers often and shoot versions of them throughout their process of opening up. It’s like meeting a new friend and getting to know them one petal at a time. It’s intimate, gentle and very engaging to be with a flower and just let it show itself to you as it is. It never asks what do you think of me, it just opens naturally.

People could learn a lot from being like flowers. Trusting their own nature would take the pressure off. It would allow them to accept change and growth as a natural process without judgment or expectation.

From seed to bud to blossom and then its eventual fade, it just lives its life. How we perceive the process begins with appreciating the nowness of its beauty in every moment of transformation. If we could see ourselves from this point of view we would be much happier being who we really are.

We would not feel afraid of showing ourselves to others as we open up to what we ourselves do not know we will become. We would just be.

Opening up to our true nature through organic evolution