Loyalty programs should be called Sneaks. It would be more true to form.

Extra postResearching the landscape opened my eyes to what you are really giving and getting. How long do they share your data? Forever!

Profiling shopping habits, super-shopper data, target preference, tracking consumer habits, attractive end-aisles, milk and bread in the back, red=attention, green=fresh/health, blue=trust hormones, yellow/gold evokes hunger. They are all meant to lure you into a discount that may cost you in the long run. Way finders, coupons, specials, you name it….they want to snag your info. They don’t care about you. They care about your data!

Think before you sign up for any rewards program.

You are being invading! Time of purchase, item, credit/debit…there is no such thing as an invisible purchase. They track anything and everything they can. If you give them permission, you can count on being exploited.

Caspian is one group that offers a true-line to your rewards. (Caspian is Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbers.) There are many others. If you check it out online, you will find nothing is sacred.

If you shop counter-clockwise to clockwise it makes a difference.

I say, stop the clock. Pay cash and don’t sign up.

You are sharing your personal information with sneaky sharks. Your info is farmed out and brings nothing valuable to your table.

They count on your emotional involvement to sweep away your privacy.

Look for links that interest you and share with your family and friends.


Loyalty? Data to Dividend. Who wins?