The Information Superhighway now has a bike lane.

Information Superhighway

Some like it fast, some like it slow.

How people navigate and process information has a direct impact on how your brand is perceived. Individual viewing goals are not always the same. When we move through life in the fast lane we get ‘there’ more quickly but miss most of the scenery.

Scenery opens your heart, allowing your gaze to relax and see things from a different perspective. It gives you time to digest and direct your thoughts and feelings to the most nourishing intention. Does your brand offer a place to slow down and appreciate the nuance of now?

While the world of information is honking its horn to get you moving faster and faster, you do have a choice—it’s the bike lane on the Information Superhighway.

I’m not talking about reverting to dial-up connections; I’m talking about being present. You don’t need an adrenaline boost to be present. You pace yourself and slow down to breathe easier, think more clearly and enjoy the view. It’s also where your customer chooses you. It’s a thoughtful decision without a barking dog harassing them. This is where loyalty is born. You did not push them to make a decision; you gave them a comfortable place to meet your brand without demands.

Gearing ourselves to the optimum speed means we learn to shift. Life can be hard when you are in the wrong lane or gear. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing right now—shift. Shift into yourself. How does that feel?

You can shift into a new gear if you are taking a hill. Shift into a new gear if you are merging with traffic, or shift into a new gear of thinking and just coast—that’s right, coast until you are ready to take the next turn of events, make a purchase, or decide what to click on.

Think of the bike lane as the scenic route; you still get to your destination—but at your own speed and frame of reference, refreshed and ready to move on, sharing your vision and heart with clarity of purpose.

On being a lane changer…

Meeting your customer where they are, at whatever speed, means your brand will shift up and down, some times moving from the bike lane into the fast lane and back again to accommodate their personal needs. When your brand is flexible and can shift gears easily, the ride is enjoyable for all.

The sign ahead says, “Share the Road to Success”.

A Ride on the Natural Side