Bee Happy

Bee Happy

Love is everywhere. When you see life though loving eyes it greets you with a smile and unfolds its arms with a warm embrace. It makes no difference if you are looking for the right name, a brand solution or an image. It’s all there for you to see, if only you will look. It’s calling out to you to be noticed and appreciated. It only needs a second to appear and give you the answer you are looking for. Opportunity shows its happy face with little or no effort when you are open to it.

The main mosaic image was from an abandoned storefront in Capitola, California, the double-delight rose is from my front yard, the pomegranate was sliced open for my food blog, and the bird of paradise leaf was fresh from Home Depot’s garden center.

See what I mean? You create a brand just like a mosaic—adding one element at a time, piece by piece, and keep it evolving with new brand attributes…a brand mosaic never ends.

When you build a brand, you keep your eyes open, and new ideas appear from everywhere.

And then you share it with the world.

Branding Mosaic

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