Words into Names.

Words into NamesI create names both client direct and though agency relations. In all cases a client brief is received and I work with a team lead or decision maker and present a master list. I never reuse a list or look back on previous work. I start fresh every time. It may not be the easiest way to do naming, but it assures a fresh approach to each project. The lists I come up with contain hundreds and hundreds of names. Sometimes I just can’t stop—waking up at all hours of the night to write something down, or running back to my desk so I don’t forget a new thought. They come to me so quickly, and the range is so diverse, it’s astonishing. Names come from just about anything I am doing. My mind hops, skips and jumps all over the place to make connections to the objectives. It constantly scans looking for the right answer, or a new expression. Even if I am not working on a project, I write down words in a notebook that I get excited about. This is probably the only downside to being a namer…you fall in love with words and your mind is never the same. You see words within words. You see how you can play with letters, and you see all of life as a word canvas.

When I first started naming I had to work harder because it was like learning a new language. Now, I am completely fluent in translating words into names. Keeping them as short as possible while building in brand story potential. I like names that make eye contact with the heart of the consumer.

My hybrid skills sharpen the focus of how a name will come to life in all of its applications. Even a simple thing like how big the package is going to be affects the name space allotment. Name real estate needs to be considered while you are coming up with solutions.

The best part about naming is the research. I learn all kinds of new things in the process. I get smarter and smarter traversing topics other people are not exposed to on a regular basis.

I am most grateful to all the people and companies who have hired me. I am a richer person in more ways than one.

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