Open for Barter. Meeting in the middle.

Green OutlineBarter Art3

Being in branding is a whole new animal then when I started. It seems the market is flooded with creative branding experts both as companies and independents. Budgets have been cut drastically and the value of contributors is dwindling.

As I read the news, and listen to the buzz on social, it seems like a lot of people are scrambling for a piece of the pie, which is now in the sky.

What to do? I propose barter. I’m sure you have clients and friends who frequently ask for your help but offer nothing in return. They want referrals, free consulting, images, art, logos, concepts, names, and just about anything they can get from you.

They are desperate. Money has been tight. They are not sure how they are going to continue their business. Again I say…get bartering. If you are approached by someone who wants something, unless you want to give it freely, ask for a barter.

We all have something to offer. If cash is not flowing, start giving. But, do it with a twist. I suggest asking for what you want, or need in return. Quit giving yourself away.

In light of this, I am offering barter. It’s going to have to be fair trade. But, I am at least open to it. Pro-Bono is fine if you want to volunteer, but for anything else—ask for something in return. Use this incentive.

Best of Barter. Your time for my time.

Make an offer and we’ll both get our needs met. It’s a valuable option for those with or without cash. As we move into the future of commerce, Namelink is leading the way.

For people who have needs, and are always helping others without pay, this makes perfect sense!

If you have cash, that’s great. I expect it paid on time, no excuses. Getting 50% minimum up-front for the deliverables is mandatory, unless we have made special arrangements or you provide a retainer. The balance is due on delivery. Again, no tikie no washi.

No other businesses allow you to walk out of the store without paying. Cash or credit is up to you. Barter is a good business alternative.

Now, you have a choice. Make me an offer I can’t refuse, and put it in writing. Or, get ready to pony-up the cash.

The Green Light to Go Barter